6 Tips to Save Money on Healthcare Costs

Healthcare and medical costs can happen at any moment, especially with active children in your household. Here are ways to keep healthcare costs under control.

  1. Take advantage of screenings

    If you have children in sports, physicals are usually required. Some schools even may offer physicals on-site by medical professionals. So if that’s available, definitely take advantage of it to save a trip to the doctor.

  2. Find cheaper prescriptions

    If you’ve always gotten your prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy, you should check into other locations. Prices can vary from place to place…there is even a free app for that. Check out GoodRx which shows the cheapest prescription costs in your area and coupons are even offered. Did you know that you can sometimes get your prescription in a 3-month supply? Ask your pharmacist if it’s possible because it may save you money.

  3. Use Urgent Carehealthcare costs

    Instead of visiting the Emergency Room, head to Urgent Care. It’s a great alternative to the ER because it will likely save you time and  possibly even money. Obviously if it’s a life threatening situation, call 9-1-1, but for example if it’s a sprain or cold, try urgent care first.

  4. Use Online Care

    Some insurance companies offer online care for minor illnesses, which are cheaper than actual doctor visits. You basically have a video call with a medical provider, saving you drive time, gas, and more costly in-person doctor visits.

  5. Take advantage of employer premium discounts

    Some employers offer wellness programs and if you participate in a certain amount of health/wellness activities, you may be able to get a monthly medical insurance premium discount. Be sure to check with your employer for opportunities like this.

  6. Check into chiropractic care

    I visit the chiropractor monthly and it costs me $40 a visit. However, it’s saved me money because I didn’t have to go to the doctor. I can’t say all chiropractors are as good as mine :), but there were times I was surprised the difference that chiropractic care could make with things like headaches and other body aches/pains. And it’s a whole lot cheaper than heading to the doctor’s office.

These tips may not all work for you, but if you can implement even a couple, you should be able to save a little cash. For tips regarding medical bills, check out Dealing with Medical Debt.

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