My Friend Asked for a Loan…Is it a Good Idea?

We polled our Sense and Centsibility readers and asked if they’ve ever given their adult children money. Out of the 1,507 responses, a whopping 1,400 people said ‘yes’. This isn’t surprising because, in general, parents want to help their children

What’s All This HARP Talk About?

Have you ever gotten email telling you that you might qualify for HARP?  I do.  I get them all the time, in fact.  I’ve often wondered why I get them in the first place, since, as a HUD-certified housing counselor,

Don’t Let Debt Keep You Down, Soldier

Struggling with debt is bad enough–whether you’re a veteran or are about to transition into civilian life–but when you’re actively deployed, it can threaten your job status. Debt can also get in the way of civilian employment opportunities for military

Can Debt Derail your Retirement Plans?

The answer is…absolutely.  When thinking about retirement preparation most of us focus on saving.  We think about how much we are saving, how we are investing, and day dream about how to spend our golden years. Unfortunately, not enough time

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity theft can happen when someone gets access to your personal information, like your name or social security number. If you are like me you just want to know what you can do to protect yourself. Simple as that. The

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