Student Loan Debt: Know Your Rights

Student loan debt is a major challenge for individuals the moment they graduate or leave college. Difficulty in repayment can become a major obstacle that prevents student loan borrowers from successfully pursuing their career and life ambitions. Our Senior Director,

Get a Jump Start on Spring and Save $$!

February in Minnesota. The days are noticeably longer – we gained an hour of daylight in January. Woo hoo! And a girl finds her attention turning to the pile of seed catalogs that started accumulating in December when spring wasn’t

Easy, Free Ways to Clean up Your Credit.

What do you do if you find a mistake on your credit report? You do have rights and you can fix it. Check out what our Program Director Darryl Dahlheimer has to say about credit repair agencies.  

Will a Debt Management Plan Help Me?

Many people are nervous about setting up a Debt Management Plan (DMP) because they’re worried about the potential negative effects. So let’s set the record straight today and talk about the pros and cons of a DMP with a little

Are you Prepared for a $1000 Financial Emergency?

How much are you saving? If this question makes you laugh and exclaim “Savings? I wish!”, or creates major waves of guilt and anxiety you are not alone. A Consumer Federation of America study in 2010 found that 69% of

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