5 Must Read Tips For All New College Grads

Congratulations college grads! Do you remember the scene from “The Graduate” with Dustin Hoffman where he is barraged with questions and advice at his graduation party about where to work? Oh wait, you weren’t born yet when the movie came

10 Warning Signs of Hitting a Financial Wall

Making an on-time mortgage payment can be difficult if there’s an emergency or unexpected expense. What if a one-time incident caused you to stumble, but you can regain footing? Or, what if you are stumbling and the financial hole is becoming deeper

Preparing for Student Loan Repayment

One of the most buzzed about financial topics in the U.S. today is student loan debt. I am excited to tell that our own Program Director Darryl Dahlheimer was recently interviewed by Mint.com as part of their Expert Interview program. Click

How One Minnesota Man Saved His Home From Foreclosure

As a busy father of three, Dave had many hats to wear. He and his wife Ella enjoyed being active in their kids’ education and recreational activities plus each also kept busy working several seasonal jobs. Dave even worked as

4 Steps To Take If You Are Struggling With Your Mortgage

Struggling to make mortgage payments is stressful. Feelings of anxiety can be compounded if those payments have been missed. You start to wonder “What can I do? Are there any options?” here are 4 next steps to take if you’re

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