How to Pay Collection Debt

Like so many during the Great Recession, you lost your job and had to prioritize expenses.  Maybe you had to break a cable contract so you could manage the house payment, or you had to defer paying medical bills until

How To Get Fit On A Budget

It’s that time of year again: we’re on the verge of summer. Thank goodness! Many of us hibernated more than normal this year because this winter was, well…let’s just say less than desirable. If you’re like me, it also took

Savings 101: Emergency savings vs. periodic savings

Everyone knows that having money set aside in savings is important, but either we can’t afford to put away money right now or we choose not to because living in the present is much more enjoyable. When you’re cold and miserable stuck in Minnesota

How to manage credit through different stages in life

People have different views of credit depending on what’s going on in their lives. How good (or bad) our credit is can affect everything from car insurance rates to getting a job to buying a home. Read ‘Why is credit

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