10 signs you should get credit counseling

Credit counseling. It sounds boring and maybe even a little scary because finances are often stressful for the average person. You may have learned about balancing your checkbook, saving up for something, and maybe even how to take out a loan

How to have family fun on the cheap

Flashback Friday to this post about free and cheap ideas for family fun. There’s still time to get outside before the snow flies and there are ideas for the heart of winter, too. Read on and enjoy saving money while

You shouldn’t pay for student loan help

Navigating the student loan repayment world can be tricky and stressful, especially if you don’t earn quite what you wanted after graduating. So you are in repayment and need help with your loans, but a company is asking you to pay to get

Expense Control: Ideas to balance your budget without increasing income

Examining, reducing, and controlling expenses plays a powerful role in being able to live within your income, save money, and be able to pay for more important things. Lifestyle changes may not be easy, but they really can help to

How to build savings when there’s not much to start with

We polled our readers and out of 103 people, slightly less than half (51 people) have enough in savings for a $1,000 emergency. That means that 52 people don’t. Not having savings can force you into using credit cards for that car

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