The holidays are coming…are you ready?

If you celebrate Christmas, this is your public service announcement that it’s less than 100 days away…93 to be exact. Many of us always swear that we’re “going to start shopping early this year”, but that doesn’t always happen. So

Your 2016 College Graduate: Two Plans to Prepare Them for the World

Now that your college senior is safely tucked in back at school, it is not too soon to start planning post-graduation. Let’s start with the graduation gift. WHAT TO GIVE YOUR GRADUATE: The Gift of the Future Twenty-two year olds

Six Laundry Tips to Save Money and Your Clothes

I hate grocery shopping. But, I love doing laundry. I don’t know why. I think it feeds some compulsive behavior in me. I like separating colors, fabrics, tackling stains, getting whites white … There are worse compulsive behaviors. WASH FULL

My Friend Asked for a Loan…Is it a Good Idea?

We polled our Sense and Centsibility readers and asked if they’ve ever given their adult children money. Out of the 1,507 responses, a whopping 1,400 people said ‘yes’. This isn’t surprising because, in general, parents want to help their children

What’s All This HARP Talk About?

Have you ever gotten email telling you that you might qualify for HARP?  I do.  I get them all the time, in fact.  I’ve often wondered why I get them in the first place, since, as a HUD-certified housing counselor,

Do you save money throughout the year for Christmas shopping?

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