My 23 year old daughter just moved into her first apartment with friends.  As they were looking at and considering apartments, she asked for advice on various aspects of the process.  I wasn’t much help—I haven’t moved in 35 years! 

Confessions of a Financial Counselor

As a Financial Counselor, most people I see in my office are people that are stressed by debt.  I see a huge range of people: 5 digit monthly incomes to 3 digit; single folks to married couples with several children; recent

The Green Tomato: The Fruit That Keeps on Giving

It’s been a good garden year for me.  I’ve supplied my household, friends, family, passersby, and the local food shelf with a variety of beautiful, fresh, organic produce.  I couldn’t even begin to calculate the dollars saved.  (Add in the

Keeping Your Home Safe While You Travel

If you’re planning a trip sometime soon, you have more to do than simply pack your bags. Many home burglaries occur when folks are out of town. We all look forward to coming home after a trip. So, take these

More Beneficiary Blunders

A while back, I wrote a blog called “Avoiding Beneficiary Horror Stories.” At that time I discussed many potential problems that may arise when you don’t review your forms periodically to ensure they’re accurate. Since then, I have come across

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