How Janis took back control of her finances

I absolutely love sharing stories from the people we serve. Janis met with a counselor, created a budget,  and signed up for a Debt Management Plan to pay off her debt faster and save money. Janis submitted a testimonial on our website; so here is Janis’ story in her own words:

“I found myself at nearly 60 years old in an alarming amount of debt.  Various unfortunate and un-fun life circumstances had brought me to this point. My feelings included deep shame, a familiar sense of failure, and disappointment in myself as well as imagining every person who should have been able to count on me being disenchanted with me.

I had fought so hard to get ‘to me’ and I had made immeasurable positive progress on myself.  I was so much stronger than I had ever allowed myself to believe possible.  Along with this independence came financial decisions I was completely uneducated and unprepared to make. I had survived sexual assaults, the devastating loss of a professional position, emotional and psychological abuse from not one, but two long-term relationships.

Now, finally, with an excellent position – a dream job – with great pay and benefits and an opportunity to utilize my intelligence, I was in debt.she overcame debt and changed her life

My kids suggested I ‘make a budget’.  Okay, but what exactly was a ‘budget’?  I had never been allowed control over personal finances before. I called my bank but didn’t qualify for a personal loan. My heart sank.  While I was thanking them for their consideration and time, they did something completely unexpected – they referred me to LSS Financial Counseling.

I did not want to make the call, but I made the call…I had to. I was so ashamed, so scared to make that call.

But I did.

From the moment my call was answered, I was treated with respect.

I was given back my dignity and I was told I was NOT a failure!  I simply asked for help, “Please help me; I need help.”  Help is exactly what I received.

I have a budget!  I like having a budget!!  It’s not always easy and it will take a while to recover from my financial decisions, but not as long as it would have taken me if I had not called LSS. I especially like not being a failure!

Thank you LSS team for giving me a chance to retain my dignity, to continue to evolve, and for never, ever making me feel as if I am/was a failure.  Thank you for helping me!”

Janis is one of thousands of people each year that receive help from LSS. Our counselors empower people to take control of their finances, conquer debt, and achieve financial goals. If you feel like Janis used to, she is proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel…you just have to start. Give LSS a call at 888.577.2227 for your free financial counseling session or click to GET STARTED ONLINE at your convenience.

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