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What is student loan counseling?

Student loans can be confusing and overwhelming. LSS offers free student loan repayment counseling to help borrowers navigate their loans and options. Tasha, one of our certified student loan counselors, breaks down what goes on during a student loan counseling session

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Help for Borrowers Struggling to Keep Up with Student Loans

Are you in repayment of your student loans? Are you behind or struggling to keep up? LSS, a trusted nonprofit, can help. You can have a free and confidential session with one of our experienced financial counselors. This session will help

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Flashback Friday to Defaulted Student Loans: A borrower’s worst nightmare

With student loans being a hot topic right now, I wanted to share this Flashback Friday post about defaulted student loans. The more I learn about student loans, the more I see them as a double-edged sword poised to either

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Transitioning from Survival to Success

You can reduce stress and financial uncertainty brought on by job loss or reductions in income by focusing on the financial aspects that ARE under your control.  Transition from survival to success with these five key actions, ten questions to ask

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4 Tips to Pay Off Your Student Loans Faster

Because of the high cost of a college education, it’s quite common nowadays for college graduates to have student loans. These loans can take 10 years or longer to pay off, which is likely second only to mortgages in the

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