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What’s preventing you from achieving your goals?

Achieving your goals

Do you want to retire at a certain age or take a trip to Australia or stay home with the kids? Most people have some type of goal in mind for the future. It can be difficult to achieve any type

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Flashback Friday: Can I afford to be a stay at home parent?

Thinking about being a stay at home parent? Read on to help you decide if you can truly afford it. Bottom line: I love working. I love the social aspect of work, climbing the professional ladder, and of course making

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Expense Control: Ideas to balance your budget without increasing income

Examining, reducing, and controlling expenses plays a powerful role in being able to live within your income, save money, and be able to pay for more important things. Lifestyle changes may not be easy, but they really can help to

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Retirement: Start planning as early as possible

I recently heard a 65 year old couple will need an average of $220,000 to cover their medical expenses throughout retirement. That is extremely daunting to me.  I will need almost a quarter of a million dollars when I retire

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What to do during tight financial times

Whether it’s the vet, vehicle tabs, new tires, or even a concert you want to attend it never fails: two-three times per year most people have several large expenses that all come up in the same month or two. If

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