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What to do if you’re having trouble making mortgage payments

This week’s Throwback Thursday post explains 4 steps to take if you are┬ástruggling to make mortgage payments. Struggling to make mortgage payments is stressful. And it’s even worse if you’ve already missed payments. You start to wonder what you can

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What are my options after the Sheriff’s sale?

This flashback Friday post clears up confusion about your options once a Sheriff’s Sale takes place. This question comes up on a fairly regular basis here in Minnesota. While the answer may vary greatly from state to state, there are

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HAMP is ending: What does that mean for you?


HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) was created by the government. This was in the wake of the mortgage meltdown of 2008 when Americans lost jobs, homes, and assets at an incredible rate. HAMP allows changes to mortgage terms in order

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