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3 Tips to Avoid Arguments About Money

We’re flashing back to Elaina’s post about how to handle money and finances with your S/O to avoid those financial fights. Money. Bills. Budgets. Credit cards. Personal finance isn’t the most exciting topic in the whole world, but it affects

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A Couple’s Guide to Money and Relationships

relationships and money

Do you want to bury your head in the sand when someone brings up the subject about money? While it’s a natural reaction, the unknown will hurt you more than help you…especially in a relationship. It’s necessary if you want

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Is it smart to co-sign on a loan?

We’re flashing back this Friday to something that hits home for many people…being asked to co-sign a loan. If you’re trying to decide what to do, read this post to help you make an informed decision. A lot of people

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How to teach teens about money

There’s no time like the present to teach your teen how to have a healthy relationship with money. Shannon’s flashback Friday post provides real life examples of how she taught her daughter – and in the process herself – to

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Secrets to a Financially Happy Relationship

A happy couple strolls down the aisle hand-in-hand as the church bells let out a triumphant ring and the members of the congregation cheer loudly. The bride and groom are happy, smiling and having the time of their lives. As

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