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3 causes of bankruptcy & how to avoid them

People make a lot of assumptions about those who file bankruptcy. You may think that the number one reason for bankruptcy is overspending, but you’d be wrong. In the financial counseling world we see every scenario you can imagine.  The

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Dealing with medical debt

This week we’re flashing back to a post about how to deal with something none of us want to: medical debt. The key is don’t avoid it and be proactive. Read on… Many people do not anticipate having medical bills, but

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How Can I Save Money Right Now?

Many of us aren’t in financial crisis but we still feel like we have no money. (Raises hand sheepishly!) Is this you? You have a job, make a decent wage, live within your means, and are still broke at the

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Get Started. Take Charge of your Life Again!

The number one question people ask me when I tell them that I work at LSS Financial Counseling is “What do you really do?”  And that can be a tough question to answer. Honestly, whenever you talk about money or debt with people

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