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When Should I Use My Emergency Savings Fund?

If you have an emergency fund, you have put yourself in a more stable financial position. But have you been tempted to get some cash for future plans, like a concert or a trip? If so, I’m sorry to break

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Using crisis budgeting during tight financial times

Unexpected events can happen to any of us without warning. The world is an imperfect place: cars break down, people get laid off or injured, pets get hurt…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg sometimes. And out of 280 of

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3 causes of bankruptcy & how to avoid them

People make a lot of assumptions about those who file bankruptcy. You may think that the number one reason for bankruptcy is overspending, but you’d be wrong. In the financial counseling world we see every scenario you can imagine.  The

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Transitioning from Survival to Success

You can reduce stress and financial uncertainty brought on by job loss or reductions in income by focusing on the financial aspects that ARE under your control.  Transition from survival to success with these five key actions, ten questions to ask

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The Top 3 Reasons People File Bankruptcy (and tips to avoid them)

As a financial counselor with LSS, I provide bankruptcy services to clients, including individual counseling and teaching a financial management course. This experience coupled with bankruptcy statistics show that the top 3 reasons for filing bankruptcy are medical debts, job

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