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Making the Decision to Purchase a Home: Townhouses vs. Single Family Homes

Deciding to purchase a home is probably one of the biggest financial decisions you make. Not only must the home be affordable, there is a lengthy process involved. On top of the home buying process, some home buyers are overwhelmed

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What to Consider Before Buying Your First Home

Rents are crazy high. I regularly meet with people who tell me they want to buy a house because that rent money is just going into someone else’s pocket. On the surface this seems like sound reasoning, but there are

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When Should I Use My Emergency Savings Fund?

If you have an emergency fund, you have put yourself in a more stable financial position. But have you been tempted to get some cash for future plans, like a concert or a trip? If so, I’m sorry to break

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Expenses that are worth the money

Here’s a throwback post from April 2013 that talks about 5 expenses that you shouldn’t skimp on. Trying to cover all your living costs plus save for emergencies and retirement can be a daunting task. Sometimes the challenge is downright overwhelming.

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Tips to prepare your home for winter

Winter is coming! Yes, this may remind you of an extremely popular cable show, but homeowners really do need to be prepared for winter…as unexciting as it is. Mundane home maintenance pays off in many ways: from home heating savings

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