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Minimize Your Debt This Year

With the financial strain of the holidays, many find this time of year to be a stressful time. If credit card debt is haunting you in this new year, we have some advice to help minimize your debt going forward.

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How to Get Out of Debt

Debt can be a vicious cycle for many people. Paying month after month, year after year and not making much progress. Not to mention you end up paying much more than the original price of whatever you charged because of

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How to make spending cuts to get out of debt

Debt…it’s just plain stressful. And that stress can dictate everything from how we feel physically and mentally to how we perform at work. It can prevent you from truly enjoying life and being able to have fun and travel without worry.

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Making Debt Repayment Exciting

Large debt loads can seem overwhelming, and paying down debt may seem like a boring way to use one’s income. At LSS Financial Counseling we understand that. But we also understand the importance of Conquering Your Debt and the impact

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