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25 Productive Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

I enjoy shopping and spending money sometimes; the act of it (as long as it’s quick), getting new things, and wearing or enjoying those new things. But sometimes I just don’t have the money to spend because of whatever happens

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8 Ways Procrastination Can Cost You

Procrastination is putting off doing something until the last minute. In some cases, people can thrive on procrastination, such as meeting a deadline for school or work. However, when it comes to finances, procrastinating can mean extra money out of

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Declutter Challenge: Update #1

Since I posted┬áthe first blog about the declutter challenge last week I started the process! Writing about it actually motivated me to just jump in and do it. So I thought I’d give an update and hopefully┬áprovide a little inspiration

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Declutter Challenge

For many of us January is a time to get back into healthy habits with eating and exercising. In a previous post I talked about making financial resolutions as well; getting rid of clutter in your life likely will help

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