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The Differences Between the DMP and Debt Settlement

The time of year doesn’t matter…”debt relief” ads are seemingly everywhere you turn. That’s why it’s important to know all the facts before making a major decision on how you choose to repay your debt. So this Flashback Friday post

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How Debt Management Plans Work vs. Debt Settlement Companies

Many people have never heard of a Debt Management Plan, but a lot have heard of Debt Settlement Companies. That’s because their ads are everywhere…they’re all over the radio and TV promising extremely low payments, that you’ll get rid of your

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How to Pay Collection Debt

Like so many during the Great Recession, you lost your job and had to prioritize expenses.  Maybe you had to break a cable contract so you could manage the house payment, or you had to defer paying medical bills until

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Debt Conquering Strategies

So you have credit card debt. Or medical debt or even student loan debt. Or a combination! It could be a lot or a little. Maybe you are successfully making payments but the balances aren’t going down. Or it’s to the

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6 Myths About Credit Counseling

In the same way I try to avoid using clichés, many people avoid credit counseling like it’s the plague. They’ve heard from their friend whose sister’s uncle’s cousin got counseling and it trashed that person’s credit or they ended up in

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