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Your 2016 College Graduate: Two Plans to Prepare Them for the World

Now that your college senior is safely tucked in back at school, it is not too soon to start planning post-graduation. Let’s start with the graduation gift. WHAT TO GIVE YOUR GRADUATE: The Gift of the Future Twenty-two year olds

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Six Laundry Tips to Save Money and Your Clothes

I hate grocery shopping. But, I love doing laundry. I don’t know why. I think it feeds some compulsive behavior in me. I like separating colors, fabrics, tackling stains, getting whites white … There are worse compulsive behaviors. WASH FULL

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Don’t Let Debt Keep You Down, Soldier

Struggling with debt is bad enough–whether you’re a veteran or are about to transition into civilian life–but when you’re actively deployed, it can threaten your job status. Debt can also get in the way of civilian employment opportunities for military

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2015 Financial Advocacy Awards

Announcing the 2015 Financial Advocacy Award Winners. These award winners serve to improve economic justice and advocate for people and families in vulnerable financial situations. Full Cycle is a nonprofit bicycle shop in south Minneapolis that offers a six-month, paid

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Three Frugal Tips from a Lover of Frugality

I’m a frugal person. My friends will tease me about the extreme measures I take. I like to think they are teasing with love and admiration. (Or maybe I’m headed to be featured on a new reality show.) I’m the

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