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Be More Hopeful by Having a Plan for Your Finances

improve your finances and be more hopeful

Many times when I am done counseling someone they tell me they feel more hopeful. But when the session starts, they tell me: “You have probably never seen a situation as bad as mine.” The truth is usually I find

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So what is a DMP, really?

One of our financial counselors, Colleen, breaks down the basics of the Debt Management Plan (DMP) in this brief video:   Click HERE for more detailed information about the Debt Management Plan. LSS Financial Counseling is a non-profit organization that

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Confessions of a Financial Counselor; Part Two

People come to see us because of debt issues and we are the experts on dealing with debt, after all. We’ve got a highly trained counseling staff and a great Debt Management Plan (DMP) product. The DMP, though, only works

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The Truth About Debt Settlement Companies

It’s no secret debt settlement companies have plagued a significant volume of financially strapped consumers over the past few years. It doesn’t help that television, radio, and internet sites continually run advertisements from unscrupulous, fly by night companies that lead

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