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Help for Borrowers Struggling to Keep Up with Student Loans

Are you in repayment of your student loans? Are you behind or struggling to keep up? LSS, a trusted nonprofit, can help. You can have a free and confidential session with one of our experienced financial counselors. This session will help

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So what is a DMP, really?

One of our financial counselors, Colleen, breaks down the basics of the Debt Management Plan (DMP) in this brief video:   Click HERE for more detailed information about the Debt Management Plan. LSS Financial Counseling is a non-profit organization that

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How Debt Management Plans Work vs. Debt Settlement Companies

Many people have never heard of a Debt Management Plan, but a lot have heard of Debt Settlement Companies. That’s because their ads are everywhere…they’re all over the radio and TV promising extremely low payments, that you’ll get rid of your

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Debt Conquering Strategies

So you have credit card debt. Or medical debt or even student loan debt. Or a combination! It could be a lot or a little. Maybe you are successfully making payments but the balances aren’t going down. Or it’s to the

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