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Get a jump start on holiday shopping

Did you know there are only 143 days until Christmas? While there’s still about a month left of summer, it’s a really smart idea to get started on your holiday shopping early. So we’re flashing back to this post from

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Start planning for the holidays now

I’m currently looking out the window at a beautiful, sunny and warm Duluth day. So it’s odd thinking about fall and winter holidays, but the truth is they’ll be here soon. Some people are gifted in planning ahead and have

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Start planning for holiday shopping now

We took a poll of our readers asking them if they save money for Christmas shopping throughout the year. Out of the fifty-one respondents, only 29% said they save money throughout the year to buy presents. That means that the

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Is it Triumphant Tuesday or Totally Broke Tuesday?

Did you survive the shopping weekend without major bumps and bruises to your wallet? If you did, congratulations! It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy Triumphant Tuesday! If not, does today feel more like ‘Totally Broke Tuesday’ instead of Triumphant Tuesday?

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The holidays are coming…are you ready?

If you celebrate Christmas, this is your public service announcement that it’s less than 100 days away…93 to be exact. Many of us always swear that we’re “going to start shopping early this year”, but that doesn’t always happen. So

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