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6 Tips to Save Money on Healthcare Costs

Healthcare and medical costs can happen at any moment, especially with active children in your household. Here are ways to keep healthcare costs under control. Take advantage of screenings If you have children in sports, physicals are usually required. Some

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Understanding Your Health Insurance and Medical Bills

I recently had a conversation with my young adult daughter who was totally confused about why she had a medical bill since she has medical insurance. I’ve had similar conversations with more experienced (aka older) adults so the confusion is

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More Beneficiary Blunders

A while back, I wrote a blog called “Avoiding Beneficiary Horror Stories.” At that time I discussed many potential problems that may arise when you don’t review your forms periodically to ensure they’re accurate. Since then, I have come across

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The cold and flu season is here, and guess how much it will cost?

There is no question that the cold and flu season is a real pain. No one likes suffering and having their plans side tracked because they have a cold… but we all know it is coming. In addition to the

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5 Expenses That Are Worth The Money

Trying to cover all your living costs, plus save for emergencies and retirement can be a daunting task. Sometimes, the challenge is downright overwhelming. Being frugal can help, but don’t confuse being cheap with frugality. Being frugal means using your

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