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The Green Tomato: The Fruit That Keeps on Giving

It’s been a good garden year for me.  I’ve supplied my household, friends, family, passersby, and the local food shelf with a variety of beautiful, fresh, organic produce.  I couldn’t even begin to calculate the dollars saved.  (Add in the

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Free Fertilizer and Fun Pets

I’ve been gardening organically for 35 years on my urban lot.  It used to be difficult to find manure fertilizer living just a stone’s throw from downtown.   I would beg my country relatives for a bag of horse manure or bring an

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How to Create a Healthier Home Environment and Save Money

Many people (previously myself included) think that products are safe just because they’re sold at Target or Wal-Mart. The problem with that logic, according to the Environmental Working Group, is that in the U.S. no health studies or tests have

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Things I Refuse To Give Up…Despite The Cost

Do you have certain items or services you refuse to give up? Despite the ‘high’ cost of them. And how do you make room in your budget for them? For example, I refuse to stop buying healthy, fresh food. Not

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Double Down on your Success for 2014

Right after vowing to “save more and spend less” you will see “get in shape” on many New Year’s Resolution lists. The truth is these two resolutions go hand in hand. Making some healthy changes to your life can not

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