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Eating Better and Saving Money in the New Year

The holiday season is a distant memory…even if the tree is still up dropping needles all over. Many of us have made and already fallen off our New Year resolutions, like spending less on dining out and eating healthier. Reducing

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Do you nickel and dime your wallet to death?

When you have cash can you make it last or do you find yourself pulling money from the ATM and it’s gone in a day or two? A pack of gum here, a chai tea latte there…just for those couple of

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Being thrifty versus being cheap

As a college student – back in the day when Britney and JT dated and wore those horrific matching denim outfits – I went through a phase where I was cheap. I ate ramen noodles, cereal, and pasta on a regular basis

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Get a Jump Start on Spring and Save $$!

February in Minnesota. The days are noticeably longer – we gained an hour of daylight in January. Woo hoo! And a girl finds her attention turning to the pile of seed catalogs that started accumulating in December when spring wasn’t

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Haven’t saved a penny for the Holidays? Here are 5 tips to make up for it in 1 month.

The holidays come with a cost, and it’s not just the gifts…It’s meals, decorations, travel, donations, etc.  Because of this, how many of us promise ourselves…”I am going to save for the holidays” then all of sudden it is October,

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