LSS Financial Counseling Celebrates 30 Years!

Since 1987, LSS Financial Counseling has been providing nonprofit budget, credit, and debt counseling. That means for 30 years LSS counselors have been helping individuals and families stabilize and improve their finances and conquer their debt.

LSS Financial Counseling Team

These are the services our counselors provide:

Credit, Budget, and Debt Counseling

During a financial counseling session, counselors create with you a realistic budget. They’ll provide individualized action plans with concrete steps to take to achieve your financial goals, whether you want to improve your credit, buy a home, navigate student loans, or pay off credit cards.

Debt Management Plans. This is where you make one monthly payment to LSS and we disburse your money to creditors monthly so that your debt is paid off in full and helps improve your credit. DMPs help people pay off their debt faster and save money due to lower interest rates and a shorter payoff period.

We also want to normalize that needing financial counseling is okay because everyone needs help at some point. What’s done is done and we’ll help you focus on the present and future. Plus, we all can’t be experts in every aspect of our lives. Your counselor is your unbiased resource to help you achieve your financial goal!

Scam Awareness

There are more scams out there than ever before, like the Equifax data breach. That’s why our counselors are always on the look out for fraud and want to help you avoid it as well. For helpful personal finance tips and scams to avoid, sign up to receive our blog posts or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Financial Education

The more people – of all ages – that have personal finance knowledge, the better. Our counselors provide education about improving credit, senior fraud prevention, money teamwork for couples, retirement, how to become debt-free, living more and spending less, and much more. For more information about the financial education we provide in our Minnesota communities, visit our website.

LSS Financial Counseling: Trusted. Local. Nonprofit.

When we started providing services in 1987, the average household had just under $2,000 in credit card debt. College was more affordable: about $7,000/year for private school and about $1,500/year for public universities. Flash forward to 2017 where the average American family owes $8,377 in credit card debt and college tuition…well let’s just say it’s much, MUCH more expensive. Student loan debt is soaring, too.¬†indicates that 68% of graduates in 2015 had an average student debt load of $30,100.

This is why the free service LSS provides is more important than ever. We help people every day to take back control of their finances, conquer their debt, with the ultimate goal of financial stability.

Call us today for your free session at 888.577.2227 or click the button below to get started online. Our counselors are here to help you ditch stress about money so you can take back your life again!




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