Counselor Spotlight: Let’s meet April

We’re continuing with our Counselor Spotlight! This week let’s meet April…

aprilApril came to LSS Financial Counseling in 2008 with a background in helping homeless youth regain stable financial footing.  While working with the youth she found a love of helping people achieve their financial goals, so the move to Financial Counseling fit her personal mission perfectly.  April is part of the Student Loan, Partner Relations, Financial Education, and Blog Teams.

Proud Moments

I asked April to tell us about someone she has helped over the last 9 years that really stood out to her. This was her response:


“There’s nothing better than watching someone become confident in their own ability to take charge of their finances. I met with a gentleman in 2014; he wanted to fix his credit and at that time his credit score was in the 400s.  We discussed how to fix some errors, pay off bad debt, and establish new credit habits that will build credit. This gentleman recently came back in as he’s hoping to be able to buy a home one day.

His score is now over 700 and he is very close to his dream of purchasing a home coming true.”


“A few years ago I helped a single mother develop a budget that she could feel comfortable with and confident in knowing that everything balanced.  “Felicia” called me a few months after our appointment to let me know that she was still sticking to the budget and was able to put away and KEEP money in savings.  She said she was going to make sure her kids knew how to do this so they never had to feel lost and hopeless like she did with their finances.

When the people I serve pay off their debts through a DMP I call to congratulate them every time. It’s a great feeling to be able to tell someone that all their hard work paid off and to hear the pride in people’s voices when they acknowledge they made that choice to take action and conquer their debt.”

A few words from April’s supervisor

April is an honest, smart, compassionate and fun person.  She believes in what she does as a counselor and in the LSS mission.  April does a great job working with all clients.  She has a nice laid back approach when communicating and because of this, she can relate to people on many different levels.  April does a great job of connecting with the people she serves and giving them the information they need to make solid decisions regarding their finances. Her passion to help others is something we all admire at LSS.

In addition to her many specialties, April has taken on a variety of special projects over the years. One example last year was that in conjunction with a local credit union, she was able to deliver presents to people in the community right before the Christmas holiday. This was really rewarding for her to help out local families in need over the holidays.tasha-and-april-cropped

If you would like to meet with a counselor like April to regain control of your finances and conquer your debt, call LSS Financial Counseling at 888.577.2227. Or click to GET STARTED ONLINE with your free financial counseling session.

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