Financial Counselor Spotlight: Meet Shannon

It’s time for our counselor spotlight!  We’d like people to get to know our talented counselors a little bit better. Let’s meet Shannon…she is a Certified Financial Counselor and her specialties include student loan, budget, debt, and credit counseling.

Financial Counselor

Shannon has over nine years of financial counseling experience and in 2015 was named one of Nerd Wallet’s 30 Credit Counselors Who Made a Difference. Her passion is helping people achieve financial success through learning solid budgeting skills and understanding the importance of living a “low-debt life.” Shannon breaks down complex student loan options so borrowers can make the right choices for managing student loans while strategically paying off debts. She uses personal experience, empathy, and humor to help people feel at ease, understood, and empowered to take control of their finances.

Financial Educator

About three years ago Shannon joined the Financial Education team. Since she joined the team, Shannon has presented 36 financial workshops both locally and nationally. Topics include budgeting, student loans, identity theft, couples and money, breaking the debt cycle, improving credit, being thrifty,  and more.

Public Advocate

Shannon represented LSS Financial Counseling at a round table discussion providing expertise and perspective to Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar on the consumer protection issue of credit report accuracy.  Shannon was quoted in saying:

What is on your credit report can stand in the way of not only obtaining credit, but it can cause a person to be shut out of housing, employment, and to pay and to pay higher rates on their insurance.  It is vital for consumers to check their reports once a year to make sure the information is accurate.  If they do find mistakes or don’t understand something, it’s just as important for them to find a safe place to explain the information, teach them their rights and find the resources they need when they can’t work things out on their own.

Expert, change-maker, valued contributor, team playershannon-msba-2

These are a few words that describe Shannon in her roles of financial counselor, educator, blogger, and colleague, according to Shannon’s supervisor.  Every day – in a variety of ways – her messages of empowerment are aimed toward helping others regain control of their finances. Shannon truly impacts many lives and strives to improve each individual and family’s financial journey. Her quick smile, helping nature, and quest for improving lives are all indications of her work. Shannon does make a difference – one we can all be proud of!

We are proud to have Shannon on our team! If you’d like to meet with a counselor like Shannon, give us a call at 888.577.2227 and schedule your free financial counseling session. Or, GET STARTED ONLINE at any time from the comfort of your home. Our counselors will work with you to create an individualized action plan to conquer your debt and build savings.

Check out a couple of Shannon’s excellent contributions to our blog: How to protect your child from identity theftWhat you need to know about defaulted student loans, and How to teach teens about money.






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