Last minute gift ideas for Father’s Day

Oops…I did it again. Father’s Day is this weekend and I forgot about it until today. Does that sound familiar? If so, here are some last minute and (mostly) frugal ideas for dad.

  1. Coupons. Work with your child on creating meaningful coupons, such as 1 technology-free day together, washing his car, 10 hugs any time he chooses, etc. Put them in a cool container he can use and it’s even better.Happy and baby at sunset
  2. Breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? And I’ll bet if you include bacon, he’ll be happy.
  3. Movie night of his choice. This can be at home or at the theater, but he gets full control of what to watch. You could even go further and give him a week of taking control of the TV.
  4. Massage gift certificate. Massages help reduce stress and even can improve health. If you’re not sure he’d like it, you could purchase a 1/2 hour one first so you’re not breaking the bank if he ends up not being a fan. Just shop around your area for the best price.
  5. More food. Surprise him with his favorite meal &/or dessert – because everyone likes good food!
  6. Gift pack of things he likes. Think about his favorite snacks or activities and head out to purchase several items you can put together. For instance, if he likes fishing, grab some fishing supplies and throw in some beef jerky and favorite beverage.
  7. Free time. If he is always on the go and busy, giving him a day &/or night to himself may be the perfect gift.

Even if you forgot until now, you’re still ahead of the game. And remember: being thoughtful about your gift to him and having the kids participate will go a long way. For all you fathers out there who chose to read this particular post, I hope it’s true…and an early Happy Father’s Day to you! 🙂

For more money saving ideas, read 7 Cheap or Free Family Fun Ideas and Why summer is the season for saving.
Author Elaina Johannessen is a Program Director with LSS Financial Counseling.

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