Debt: The Struggle is Real

Whether it’s a couple who have been in control of their finances from day one or an individual who has struggled their entire life with finances, their struggle is REAL.  To them, their struggle is overwhelming, humiliating, and can be dire.  Sometimes it was brought on by no fault of their own; sometimes it was brought on by mad manself-admitted “stupid mistakes.”

Regardless, people come to see me for one reason…help.

Wow, what an amazing position I have found myself in. (Seriously!) I’m a Financial Counselor…who would have guessed? In the cases of so many of the people I get to serve, I can completely relate. I’ve been there; I’ve walked in their shoes. I have overcome those obstacles and I can empower others to do the same.

The most significant, constant, glaring issue I see is the battle and worry of keeping your credit report clear of any blemishes, despite the fact that there is not enough income to cover all monthly expenses.  It’s been instilled in us: ‘You have to have a perfect credit score’ and ‘Everything is based on your credit score.’

People will go to great lengths to make sure that they are not late on that credit card bill – even if it means taking a cash advance on a different credit card just to pay the first credit card.  I totally get it because like I said, I’ve been there and I’ve done that.  You keep thinking, “If I can just get through this month things will be better”. But then the next statements come and the minimum payments are higher because you have increased the balances to cover your needs.  In the blink of an eye all your credit cards are maxed out.  You have no access to more credit.  CRAP!  Now what?!

For most people the best answer is a Debt Management Plan (DMP) through my organization, LSS.  By making your payments on a DMP, creditors usually decrease interest rates and in some cases even decrease monthly payments.

This is the saving grace many people that I see really need…a chance to make their payments manageable again. A chance to pay their cards in full and save their credit score from the not-so-good alternative options like bankruptcy.

The people that come and see me never cease to amaze me.  They are heroes.  Financial stress is overwhelming and admitting that you let your finances take control of your life can be hard just because of our own egos. That’s why it can take a lot of courage to seek help. So many people I see are embarrassed…but they don’t need to be. Life happens! I’m lucky because I get to look people in the eyes and say “It’s ok.  I know how horrible this seems to you right now, but you can do this. Let’s work TOGETHER to regain control and conquer these debts once and for all.”

Call us today at 888.577.2227 to make an appointment with one of our experienced and non-judgmental counselors like Katie. Or, get started online right now.

Start Counseling Now

Don’t worry about how you got to where you are; what’s important is taking action now. Why not make today your first step toward becoming debt-free?

Katie EAuthor Katie Eastman is a Certified Financial Counselor and specializes and Budget and Debt Counseling with LSS Financial Counseling.

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