6 Ways to Help an Adult Child Without Going Broke

giving out moneyOur own blogger Barb Miller was asked to contribute to an article called “6 Ways to Help an Adult Child Without Going Broke” for The NextAvenue Blog. Author Richard Eisenberg does a great job explaining that you need to have a candid talk about what you can and can’t do.

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2 comments on “6 Ways to Help an Adult Child Without Going Broke
  1. Lacy Wilson says:

    My son is 37 and is constantly needing money for his car…his step father has helped and my check has been cleaned out….we live on social security…we worry to death about him he does not stay with us so so to speak homeless….I worry sick about him but he has one problem after another..my health is not great and husbands blood pressure over the roof…this is affecting r marriage but I love my son so much…I just don’t know what to do anymore..we r not millionaires

    • It sounds like it’s a difficult situation you’re dealing with. On the one hand, you want to help your son, but on the other hand helping him financially is obviously causing you stress and it’s not affordable. The best thing to do is to sit down with him and be honest. You don’t have to go into all the details of your finances. Just explain that you’re on a fixed income and can’t afford to give him any more money without putting your health and safety at risk. Encourage him to check into other resources that may help, such as the local food shelf, shelter, local Health and Human Services for food support, Workforce Center or temporary employment agencies if finding steady work is an issue for him. United Way 2-1-1 (http://www.211.org/) is also a great referral source if he needs additional resources. It might be tough to have the conversation, but you should put you and your husband’s immediate needs first and stop providing financial assistance to your son. I hope this helps and wish you the best.

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