4 comments on “How Do I Teach My Teen To Be Responsible With Money?
  1. Angela Jimenez says:

    Excellently written, Shannon! Very good tips that many can use 🙂

  2. William Medina says:

    Teaching our children and our teens to me is a life long process. I started with playing McDonalds with my daughter. She would sell me imaginary hamburgers. Then we played games like monopoly, the game of life and other such games.

    When she was a teen she received a an allowance and opened a checking account. I helped her start a small jewelry business that lasted for a year and a half. When she started high school I slowly turned over much of the money rains into her hands.

    It’s a life long process. Just this last college semester I sat down with my daughter and we mapped out all her finances. Her income, her expenses – from how much her rent was going to be, down to the money she needed to purchase food. We set up automatic savings, investing and she was even able to put money aside to take that oh so need trip to a Supernatural convention.

    As long as my daughter is willing to learn from me, I will be there to teach.

  3. This is interesting. Teaching your child about money is important and always an adventure.

    I sat down with my daughter to go over her income and expenses for this coming school semester. She may be starting college but there are things – like managing money, she still needs to learn.

    I sat down with her and what I thought would be a calm informative Dad and daughter moment turned into an emotional train wreck. You would have thought my daughter was accusing me of stealing her money. But after explaining a few things and pointing out that what I was asking her to do was in her best interest,

    Once we got past the emotions and especially the fear, she could understand what we together were trying to set up financially for her so that she could accomplish all her goals. Goals such as saving money, investing, paying for college, room and board, But most of all, she will be able to take her 
    trip to that Supernatural convention.

    William Medina

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